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Welcome to the Briese family genealogy pages

This page provides access to two genealogical trees; "Briese in Australia" traces the descendants of J.L. Briese in Australia from 1855, while "German Connections" looks at the family of J.L. Briese who remained in Germany.

Anyone can explore the databases, but if you choose to register and log in, you will have access to more detailed information and can even contribute information directly.

All help in adding information about family members, photographs and stories of the lives of our ancestors will be greatly appreciated and will make this site more interesting and more complete.

This site focuses on one person and his descendants:

Johann Ludwig Briese

born in Potrzymowo, Posen 1823

emigrated to Australia 1855

died in Jindera, NSW, 1911

As the site develops it will try to answer many questions:

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