Great South Coast Walk

A selection of photos showing the diversity of landscapes on our 630km walk down the south coast of New South Wales (28 photos)


Tramping the Land of the Long White Cloud

Photos from the walking trails of New Zealand's North and South Islands
(28 photos)


The Great Sandy Walk

A few images from a 220km walk down the length of Fraser Island and Cooloola Sands (12 photos )


Trekking the Himalayas in Sikkim

A selection of photos from three treks into the heart of the Sikkimese Himalayas
(20 photos)


Walking the South-West Corner

Featured photos from 350km of bush-walking in one of nature's unique floral kingdoms (20 photos)


Walks in the High Country

Highlights from walks in the Australian Alps in snow, rain and sunshine
(12 photos)


Viaje en Los Andes

A selection of photos from a 9-month trekking adventure in these magnificent mountains of South America (30 photos)


Antarctica - the Last Continent

A selection of photos from a voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands (22 photos)


Great Ocean Walk ... and more

Images from 235km of walks in coastal Victoria, including the Great Ocean Walk (20 photos)


North by Northwest in Australia

Selected photos from a trip exploring the diverse landscapes of Australia's remote north-west (28 photos)


Pilgrimage to Europe

Selcted photos from walks along the Camino de Santiago in France and Spain, plus the Italian Dolomites and Cinque Terre (28 photos)


Tour du Mont Blanc

Highlights of a 12-day trek around the highest peak in Western Europe
(22 photos)


Trekking and Tourism in Vietnam

Images of travels to Vietnam and Cambodia, including trips by boat and several treks.
(14 photos)

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