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51 Emigrated to USA with wife and son in 1852 - moved to Marquette, Wisconsin. Briese, Gottfried (Gottlieb) (I675)
52 Emigrated to Venezuela in 1950 Briese, Georghe Eduard (I1650)
53 Emigrated to Volhynia from Osorkow in Poland. Briese, August Eduard (I891)
54 Emigrated with her husband and children to Australia on 25 Jun 1884 aboard the "Duke of Westminster" and settled in Queensland Briese, Marie Therese Franziska (I1223)
55 Had 11 children Family F229
56 Had 3 children Family F234
57 Had 4 children, including Siegismund Briese who married Gertrud Bloch - they had two sons Heinz Briese and Wilfried Briese Family F230
58 Had 6 children Family F233
59 Had 6 children Family F235
60 Lived for a period in Australia? Briese, Hermann (I0020)
61 lived in Breslau Briese, Theodor (I0021)
62 lived in Raciecin, Poland, in 1849 Briese, Gottfried (I507)
63 lived in Turek, Greater Poland in 1807 Briese, Martin (I504)
64 Living in Proboszczewice, Lodz, Poland in 1844 Briese, Johann Gottlieb (I1047)
65 Ludwig emigrated to the USA on 14 March 1910 on the ship "Darmstadt", which sailed from Bremen on 22 February 1910. He returned to Germany and reentered the USA on 16 June 1913 on the "Bremen", which sailed from Bremen on 4 June 1913. Briese, Ludwig (I210)
66 Mentioned as living in Lowenstein in 1588 Briese, Michael (I325)
67 Mother was called Hanne Sophie Briese, Johann Friedrich Gottlieb (I1502)
68 Name spelt either Briese or Briehse in different records Briese, Johann Gottlieb (I1922)
69 Recorded in the 1599 muster of Neumark cities Briese, Mertten (I543)
70 Recorded in the 1623 muster of Neumark cities.

An unnamed Briese was also recorded for Landsberg in the 1599 muster. 
Briese, Hans (I545)
71 stayed in Westpreussen when family emigrated in 1882 Briese, Julius (I104)
72 Wilhelm Briese apparently died in Lubcz, after returning from military service Briese, Wilhelm (I0019)

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